A key focus of the comprehensive plan update process is planning for future growth and development.

There are three maps that work together to help inform the way we think about and manage future growth and development in our County.

  • Existing Land Use Map

    This map captures where we are today as a County, documenting what uses are on the ground at a parcel-specific level. It helps us understand current patterns in land use and how that may continue or change when we look to the future. The map also helps us identify areas where adjacent uses may be incompatible and we want to take different approaches to land use in the future.

    Download Existing Land Use Map
  • Future Development Map

    The vision for the community’s future growth and development is laid out in detail by our Future Development Map and the unique sub-areas, districts, neighborhoods, or other areas that make that up; we collectively call these our character areas. The character areas each have a tailored vision statement and narrative further explaining appropriate uses and character for each district. The Future Development Map plays an important role in rezoning decisions made by the County. This is the aspect of our Comprehensive Plan being looked at with fresh eyes as a part of Foster Forsyth. It is both a part of over vision for our future as well as the cornerstone of our Future Land Use Plan.

    Download Current Future Development Map
  • Zoning Map

    The zoning map is the official land use regulatory map of the County. It tells us what uses are allowed on properties by right. The zoning includes a series of additional standards, requirements, and allowances that are further detailed in the County’s Unified Development Code. Each property in the County is zoned to a specific zoning district. The comprehensive planning process will not make any changes to the County’s zoning map.

    Download Zoning Map

The planning process focuses on updating the Future Development Map. Collecting input to help adjust the Future Development Map will be a focus at the Design Workshops in May 2016.